The Body is a Biological Computer

The body is a biological computer that is being controlled by consciousness. Do you identify yourself as your body? or are you the thinking, conscious energy that directs the body through this 3 dimensional 'holographic' universe? If you've fallen into the trap of thinking that you are your body , you have forgotten a very important part of your being.

Quantum Perplexities

Through the study of smaller and smaller particles (divisions) scientists have discovered some very peculiar things about the universe. For example, the study of quantum mechanics has shown us that nothing is solid in the sense that most people think. Sure, you can not put your hand through the top of a table, but when the table (or your hand) is viewed in pieces smaller than molecules we find that nearly the entire thing is made up of seemingly empty space. For an idea of ​​how much space is empty try imagining a football stadium with nothing inside of it except for a penny suspended in the air somewhere near the middle of the stadium. That's right, the entire universe is pretty much 'a bunch of nothing' when you are stuck in the 3rd dimension. Now that's not true at all, but from today's typical scientist point of view which is grounded in this 3 dimensional model of reality (if I can not see it or measure it, it's not real), it appears to be 'a bunch of nothing '. What occupations the empty space is simply outside of our ability to perceive. It's outside of our observable frequency range.

At this scale things are kind of strange. It's hard to tell whether these quantum particles are actually particles or if they are waves of energy. It seems to depend on whether they are being observed or not. These particles can appear to be in multiple places at the same time, and can communicate instantaneously across huge distances. This scale of reality frustrates and confuses most scientists who study it. It seems that the entire universe is a funky soup of frequency ranges and interference patterns with no solid form until it's directly observed, which is when it 'condenses' into the 'solid' form that we see, touch, and hear.

Frequency range?

Every observable thing in this 3D reality has a measurable vibration. A measurable 'frequency'. Megahertz, and gigahertz are some examples of how we measure frequency ranges. Each of our senses actually just picks up a different set of frequencies and converts it back into electrical signals which are sent to the brain to create our 'displayed' sights, sounds, and feelings.

Our eyes pick up the "visible light" spectrum (frequency range). Each wavelength (frequency range) appears to us on our internal screen as a color or shade of a color. In order of increasing frequency they are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. There are also other light that we can not see with our eyes, but they do exist.

Human ears can pick up sounds between 16 and 20,000 Hz. We hear these longitudinal mechanical wave frequencies as sounds when our ears perceive them and convert them back into electrical signals which are sent to the brain for processing. Once the brain processes these electrical pulses it plays a sound which we're hear '. There are many sounds within the 16-20,000 Hz frequency range but there are many sounds which our ears do not pick up. The sounds are still there, but we just can not perceive them with our 'equipment'. Bats can hear sounds up to 100,000 Hz which no humans can hear without the aid of technology. There are also low frequency sounds that can not be heard by human ears as well. This does not mean those frequencies are not there, we just can not perceive them so we do not usually notice them unless we are using an instrument designed to convert those frequencies into something that we can perceive. You can not hear the radio station until you set your radio to pick up the right set of frequencies over which the radio station is broadcasting their programs, but the signal is still there if the radio is not turned on, you just do not notice it and go about your business. I think one reason it's great to have such limited hearing capabilities is that when you get sick of listening to the same 6 songs over and over again you can turn off the radio and stop perceiving that frequency range. Is not it great that we can not pick up all those frequency ranges with our body computer? 😛

The same thing goes for the sense of touch, taste, and smell. They are just different vibrations that those devices can pick up. But we are not our eyes, or our ears, or our nose or mouth … We are not our skin. We are not our heart, blood, or brain either. We do our 'thinking' or processing with the brain, but we are not the brain. Think of the brain as your bodies CPU and hard drive for memory storage. The skin is just our earthly suit to keep out the dust and protect our internal hardware. Our biological computer parts. What we are is the consciousness that controls the body, you could call this a soul ',' awareness' or a slough of other names but the important part is to distinguish between the body and the consciousness. You are not your body, it is just a tool.

You could think of DNA as the source code for the body. The DNA contains the code which defines how the body will be compiled and what attributes it will have. Scientists say that 97% of our DNA is 'junk DNA'. This is nonsense. Just because they do not understand it does not mean it's junk. I assure you that it is not 'junk'. Some say that junk DNA is used to store information from past lives, or the 'akashic records'. Whether there is any truth to that or not I do not know, but it is certainly not junk.

Our bodies are vehicles for us to interact with this 3D 'reality'

I am sitting here in front of a computer typing this right now but I am not the computer. If you believe that you are your body, you're getting yourself confused with your computer. If we did not have a body we could not interact with this frequency range. What we have forgotten is that we can connect with all the other frequency ranges too. Most of us have forgotten that there is an incredible range of frequencies that we can not interact with using our body computer and have got so wrapped up in the holographic 3D illusion we think that reality that we have confused ourselves with our computers.

Remembering who and what we are is paramount to becoming free beings.

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