ECourse Stimulation – What Do You Want From Your Ecourse?


I've been saying this for a long time, ecourses are simple, but they are not easy. There is some preparation work that goes along with doing the whole ecourse thing.

The main thing is know what you want from your ecourse. Now, if you're like me, my answer was, and still is, I want my ecourse to generate money for me. Plain and simple. But that's not really what the question "What do you want from your ecourse?" actually is asking.

Of course, we absolutely want to make money from our ecourse, that's a give. But HOW do you want to make money?

If you're going for list building, then you need to make sure you cater your creation towards that aspect. To do this you may need to put more "meat" into your marketing efforts and definitely give MORE and MORE info in your ecourse.

If you're going for affiliate income, you need to tweak things up and go towards that direction. This will require going out and finding others so you can promote their product (s) through your ecourse. Affiliate programs will be needed for this, but we'll talk about that another time.

If you're going for more of a promotion type of ecourse, then that's a whole other ball game altogether. For this, you must already have a product ready to sell somewhere. You give people examples of this product in Ecourse form.

So, before you get started, ask yourself how do you want your ecourse to produce income for you? When you understand AND answer that question, the rest of the ecourse creation activities will fall into place, no problem.


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