Is Submitting to Yahoo's Directory Worth the Price?

There are many different web directories available to website owners these days. Some web directories cost money to post one's website link on it while others provide free access for website owners to list their site. One web directory in particular which is quite popular these days is Yahoo. Yahoo is one of the paid web directories and is in fact one of the more expensive paid web directories when compared with the rest. The cost for using Yahoo web directory to post one's link to their website is approximately $ 299 / year. In general, submitting to Yahoo's directory is really worth the price and this is so for the reasons that follow.

The PageRank of Yahoo's Directory is 9

The PageRank is a way a web page that gets votes from other webpages. On a scale from 1 to 10, the PageRank for Yahoo's web directory is a 9, which is extremely impressive. This means that it is a popular web directory and receives a lot of hits which is great for individuals who post their link on it.

Yahoo is an Established Name

Another reason why paying $ 299 / year to submit to Yahoo's web directory is probably a good idea is that Yahoo is an established name in the computer world. The directory itself has been around since 1995 which shows that it has a good amount of years under its belt and does not plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Also, due to the fact that Yahoo is so well known, individuals who need to use a web directory to find links will most often choose web directories that they are familiar with which is another reason to choose Yahoo's directory.

The Yahoo Web Directory is set up in a User Friendly Manner

It is also wise to point out that the Yahoo web directory is set up in such a way that it Promotes user-friendship. Individuals who utilize the Yahoo web directory do so because they can maneuver around easily enough and tend to revisit it quite a bit as they have the web directory user technique down perfectly. With that said, one who is comfortable using a particular web directory like Yahoo will be most likely to return to the same web directory time and time again which extremely brings the web traffic to an individual's website.


In conclusion, if an individual has the money to spend on an annual fee for Yahoo's web directory and they are looking to gain quite a bit of website traffic, then submitting one's link to the Yahoo web directory is definitely worth the money.

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