Diamond Education and Guide: Princess Shape Diamond

The Princess cut is called a square or rectangular modified brilliant in GIA grading reports. It is the most popular fancy shaped diamond. Its beautiful brilliance and unique cut makes it a favorite for engagement rings. It may have either 50 facets, 21 crown, 4 girdle, 25 pavilion, or 58 facets, 21 crown, 4 girdle, 33 pavilion, depending on how the pavilion is cut.

This cut is most frequently a square shape where the length to width ratio is 1.0 to 1.1. The princess cut tend to be the smallest of the shapes for the same carat weight since the cut is basically an upside down pyramid with most of the carat weight in the pavilion or bottom of the stone.

Princess Shape diamonds are for people who love the sparkle and brilliance associated with round shape diamonds, but prefer the shape of a square. With Princess Shape diamonds, one does have to sacrifice the fire that the Asscher and Emerald Shape diamonds often forget. In Fact, the Princess Shape diamond can be just as dazzling as an idealally proportional Round Shape diamond, with lots of light and sparkle.

A Round Brilliant Solitaire ring seems to be the most popular shape right now for engagement rings, but many people are deviating from this trend and choosing a Princess Shape diamond. This will look spectacular by itself as a solitaire or can be paired with other shape diamonds to create a really inspiring beautiful jewelry ring.

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