What is Latent Semantic Indexing?

Through latent semantic indexing (LSI) Google scans the overall theme of a website for fresh, relevant and good content, even if they do happen to pop up over night. This will increase your site's Google ranking and might even enable you to break into the top 10 rankings. LSI will inevitably give a searcher the best possible site for his preferences, based on keywords and comprehensive topic coverage, and not just incoming links. Therefore, more emphasis is placed on quality and freshness of content, which will help sites gain higher ranking positions.

Previously Google would place 80 percent of its emphasis on incoming links and 20 percent on the actual site itself. All this is about to change with the introduction of LSI as deciding factor. Of course incoming links will always be relevant, but they may not carry the same weight as before. This will definitely help all of those who work on their sites with more emphasis on quality and content, as opposed to more incoming links.

What all of this means: web publishers who have done and continue to do their jobs correctly will have a better chance of ranking high with latent semantic indexing. Those who concentrate on keyword stuffing, creating nonsensical content and spending a lot of time using link farms will inevitably not.

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