Sean Penn – An Epitome of Great Talent


Many things come to mind when we talk about Sean Penn. He is a great talent and an equally controversial figure. He has been at the center of many controversies all through out his film career. However, that has not dimmed his power as a great actor.

We will talk about some of his finest work in this account. The list can be very long when we talk about Sean Penn's amazing projects. It is hard to account for all of them.

We will start with Dead Man Walking. The movie really showcased Penn's talent. It received positive reviews regarding Penn's acting and why would not it. The movie is made on some serious subject. Therefore, it is hard to watch this emotionally charged drama. His role also won him an Oscar nomination.

Mystic River can not be dropped from the list. The shooting took place in Boston. Amongst all other flicks being made in Boston, this one is really good. The movie had great cast. It was put together by Clint Eastwood. Therefore, it was not a surprise that the final project was really good.

Sean Penn also did a psychological thriller- The Game. It stands out when we talk about such genre of movies. Michael Douglas was also the part of the cast.

Carlito's Way can not be left out. Penn played the supporting role in this movie. He was assigned the role of a lawyer and a friend to the main lead portrayed by Al Pacino. The movie was a remake of Scarface. It could not really live up to the mark set by Scarface but it was a well made piece of cinema.

The Thin Red Line does not get much attention. It was made on the theme of war. It does not fall under the category of exceptionally great war movies but it is definitely worth a watch.

He's obviously had numerous hits, and sometimes is forgotten until you look at his entire body of work.


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