How to Find Old Fashioned Popcorn Poppers

You do not have to purchase an antique old fashioned popcorn popper anymore to get that same nostalgic popcorn flavor. Manufacturers have designed popcorn poppers with that old familiar look but with very modern parts and function. Below are a few great modern alternatives to those old timer popcorn makers. These machines are made by different companies and will give you an idea of ​​which company incorporates the design features that you are looking for.

KPM-508 Nostalgia Electrics Hot Oil Kettle Popcorn Maker

Dimensions (17 "High x 8.5" Wide x 10.25 "Deep) – This machine is a 2 oz. Mini version of the Helman 4 oz. Popcorn maker This popper has the appearance of the old fashion popcorn maker but its modern features include: tempered window, large stainless steel kettle, a built in stirring system, and a warm light.

OFF501 Helman Group Old-Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn Maker

Dimensions (16-3 / 4 "High x 7-1 / 4" Wide x 9-1 / 2 "Deep) – The Helman unit is a plastic replica of an old-fashioned, street corner popcorn maker cart. to fit on a tabletop. This popper uses electricity and air instead of oil to pop the kernels. warranty for defects.

CCP-510: Circus Cart Old Fashioned Popcorn Maker

Dimensions (14.49 "Long X 24.8" Wide X 59.06 "High) – This model is a replica of an old fashion street corner popcorn maker. kernel catcher to keep all those old maid kernels separate from the ready to serve popcorn This popper can make 10 cups of popped corn per cycle. It contains a storage compartment to keep supplies like kernels, oil, serving bags, and salt nearby. easy to operate and very easy clean-up.

Poppers like these are fairly inexpensive in comparison to an actual antique popcorn maker. The internet is full of resources on where you can purchase popcorn poppers like these as well as a real antique one. Websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon are excellent starts. Begin by searching the brand and then the model number of the popcorn popper you wish to find. Some department stores and specialty stores carry newer models of old time favorites. Commercial old fashion popcorn makers are a little bit harder to find. These are also way more expensive then the modern replicas. If you need a larger popcorn maker it is recommended that you start your search with popcorn popper rental companies. These companies usually carry an inventory of popcorn makers that are for sale. They also carry a wide array of supplies and accessories for those same models. If they do not sell new makers they will kindly refer you to the place where they purchase their machines.

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