The Soon to Be Legendary Lenny's Bar in Atlanta, GA


The man in the doorway scanning IDs is the most frightening man you've ever seen.

He is 6 '4 ", 6' 5" easy. He has thirteen naked women tattooed on his body, and he'll show you every one of his "special girls" if he likes your face. If he does not, you might end up alone in the parking lot, calling your friends inside: "The guy at the door said they were full.

This is the impression one gets from Lenny's Bar on Decatur Street. A dark dive where you just might get turned away for not "looking the part." Or worse, you might be bludgeoned by a biker for making eyes at his girl. Such popular fallacies are, of course, the products of Rock & Roll myth. Like the apocryphal tales of Gene Simmons grafting a cow's tongue to his own tongue, or GG Allin's coprophagous fits onstage. *

Among the plethora of pretentious dives buried around Atlanta, Lenny's is one of few places where the bands are thrilling and the kids really dance. One can not help but feel the price of beer has a lot to do with the vigilorious crowd. In fact, the beer is so cheap it looks immoral not to drink till stumbling (24 oz. Cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon for $ 3. What?!?).

The music is loud, ear splitting. Local bands on the verge of breaking out and already established acts play loud and late. Tonight, a gaunt, probably drunk lead singer staggers across the waist-high stage, shouting in a cheap microphone. A guitar player in a black leather jacket pounds a no name guitar with four, maybe five strings. The walls pulse; young bodies collide beautifully.

The people are attractive, but most likely of questionable character; and the name they offer may or may not be their real one.

But if you're broke and you want to dance, the beer is cheap and the music is always intense. The next morning you may not recollect exactly what you said or did, but you'll know you had a raucous and exhilarating night. That hungover stranger in your bed, smoking another one of your cigarettes, will confirm it.

* Coprophagia is the act of eating feces. GG Allin did in fact eat his own feces during his performance. Gene Simmons did not, as far as I know, ever sew a cow tongue onto his own tongue for dramatic effect.

Lenny's Bar is located at 486 Decatur Street SE Atlanta, GA 30312.
Lenny's Bar: The Best Music Venue in Atlanta
Neighborhood: East Atlanta Cabbagetown Atlanta
Atlanta, GA 30312
United States of America

Phone: (404) 577-7721

Look for me: I'll be one of the many spindly guys in glasses, wandering around the parking lot, waiting on my friends inside.


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