Fashion Image Tips – The Trick to Learning Good Habits

You can do what you want to do; your desire to do it is PROOF that you have within you the power to do it. Quote by, Wallace Wattles

To benefit from using the Law of Attraction that states: You attract more of what you focus on, try to focus your thoughts on the opposite of what you always do. Whether it is in your clothing selections, the way you dress, or the way you express yourself, you can learn to break yourself of bad habits and negative behaviors. So, make a habit to focus more on what you wish to happen. For example:

1. Replace anger and resentment with a positive, forgiving attitude. Not only will you feel better, in the long run, your health will thank you for it.

2. If you find yourself talking too much and not listening to the other person, focus on being silent for at least 20 seconds and make sure the other person completes voicing their thoughts before you speak yours.

3. In learning a new skill, focus on the output you wish to reach, and not on how difficult the learning process may be.

4. Focus on what you wish to happen (becoming slimmer, eating healthy foods, taking more interest in your appearance, walking more, and sitting less).

5. Make a point to focus less on any bad habits you have today.

6. Pay attention to your appearance. When you care less about the way you dress or look, your image (and sometimes your reputation) suffers.

7. Be grateful for what you have, rather than be upset for what you do not have.

8. SMILE! Not only will you feel more attractive, and look better, you make someone else feel better about their own image.

Selecting clothing that suits your personality is a good habit to form. Did you know that the clothing you choose to wear expresses your personality? It only becomes an unfavorable habit when you choose styles that are forced on you by someone else, or when you select a style that is unsuitable for your unique personality.

Recognize whether your image and personality reveals an exotic type, an athletic type, or a romantic type. For example, habits of the exotic type is to choose styles that suggest a bold, joyful style of dressing. Your colors and fabrics may be in deep reds and oriental tones.

The athletic type usually prefers strong, unfussy clothes in natural tones and earthy colors. And for the sentimental, romantic type, your habit of dressing may include lots of feminine pieces, lots of lacy lingerie, and fragile high-heeled shoes.

Whatever makes up your clothing choices, use as many tricks of colors and styles to create your individual look. Make a point to look good every time you step foot outside your door. Make it a habit to recognize exactly what it is that that best compliments your personality type. If you care enough about the way you dress, and what makes up your wardrobe, you will never go wrong.

In addition to the way you dress, keeping your hair looking its best is also important. When you allow enough time every day to keep it beautifully groomed, you add to your attractiveness. Good hair grooming is the easiest habit to develop. Also, pay attention to your diet and exercise. These are all important habits to develop.

Remember, to form good habits and achieve any degree of success, think of your mind and body as your garden. Whatever you plant in it, the same grows in your life. If you plant positive, hopeful thoughts, constantly feeding and nourishing them, your life will be positive, healthy, and confident.

Constantly create good habits. Then bad habits, like weeds, will not have a chance to grow. Plant thoughts of wellness and prosperity in your life, and you will always create new ways to reach those goals.

It is never too late to unlearn a bad habit and create a good one.

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