Title Tags & Search Engine Optimization SEO


Search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) is the process of updating one's website in order to receive more organic (or natural) internet traffic from the search engines, including Google.

In my opinion the most important task when optimizing a website is choosing your title Tags very wisely. Title Tags are back end header code that appears at the top of your browser and are also the links that you click on when doing a search on Google, Yahoo & MSN. The Title Tag encompasses the most relevant keywords and phrases in the body of your website for that particular page. Title Tags should be descriptive as opposed to vague to ensure the most accurate and targeted traffic. A lot of traffic is good though if it does not lead to an increase in sales then is it really that good?

Title Tags should be unique for every page of your site. If you repeat the same title for every page then the search engines will group all of your pages as one and you'll be missing out on valuable traffic. Title Tags allow users to go directly to the page of interest to them rather then sending them to your home page where they have to click for the information they want. The reason why you want them to go directly to their desired page is because frustration sets in very quickly with fast paced internet users and you'll lose visitors with each click.


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