Shopping For a Rowboat – Life is but a Dream With the Right Rowboat


"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream." Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. " Who has not heard of this song while they were growing up? If the nursery school and the playground had a great hits album, this song would definitely be in the top ten. Now that you are all growing up and looking to purchase a rowboat, is not it weird that you find yourself going back to this nursery song? Indeed, rowing a boat is such a pleasurable activity that it has inspired this timeless tune. Rowing a boat is probably one of the few old-fashioned recreations that still exist in today's age of computers, engines and motors. Whether you are looking to buy one for recreational or business purposes, knowing the various types of rowboats can help you pick the right one.

Fish and leisure

The sculling rowboat is one of the types of rowboats that you should look at if you are planning to row for leisure or take numerous fishing trips. Fiberglass and teak are the two main materials used in building this kind of rowboat. Before you start shopping, you should determine how many passengers you are planning to take on your boat and how many will be rowing. The sculling rowboat can be rowed by up to two people and can seat up to four people.

Sail away

The sailing rowboat is also one of the common types of rowboats. It resembles the sculling rowboat in size (14 to 17 feet in length). The sailing rowboat features up to double sculls, a freestanding mast and a sliding seat unit.

Soak up the sun

If you are the type of person who likes to row out into the middle of the lake and soak up some rays, then the rowing catamaran is for you. These boats are roomy enough to accommodate two people who want to go sunbathing. These lightweight boats are made of stainless steel and fiberglass.


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