Air Filters Purifiers Review


Air filter purifiers are necessary and important to remove contaminants from breathing airs. A number of pollutants in air cause the respiratory and allergic diseases to us and pollutant free air is thus reduces the symptoms of these diseases. Air filter purifiers are so essential devices required for various environments where the air pollutants are generally in the higher range. These devices are there before used in our building ventures and in various other systems where the combustion of fuels or oxidation of other products produces pollutants.

These air filter purifiers removes solid particulates such as dust, mold and bacteria from the air. There are various types of air filter purifiers available in the market. Depending on the use and application, the proper air filter is used. A number of conventional air filters are made up off paper, foam or cotton. These filter papers are generally capable to filter the dust particulates and bacteria.

Paper filters are suitable choices for many air filter purifier applications. These are the best choices for automotive engines due to their advantages over many other air filter purifiers. These air filter purifiers are efficient and easy to replace and one more advantage of these paper air filter purifiers is that these are cost effectives. These paper filters have excellent dust removal capabilities. Due to their cheap cost, these filter papers can easily be replaced when these are clogged with dust particles. The only disadvantage of these paper filter purifier is that these becomes clogged more often in dusty environment and thereafter restrict air circulation. Once these paper filters are replaced with the new one, the filters start working smoothly.

The other common type of air filter purifiers is made up of foam. These are the most common air filter purifiers available for cars in after sales market. Foam has excellent capacity not only to trap dust particles but it also removes bacteria. Some of the lawnmowers still prefer it for their air filter system. A well specified thickness dependent on the type of application and oil-wet condition is best suitable for minimum airflow restriction and therefore it is generally preferred in certain applications. Such high dust conditions include the motor sports conditions including off highways.

Cotton air filters are rarely used as the automobile filter for after sales market. These filters have excellent capability to retain dust, however the life of these filters is very less and therefore now have a little use in old vehicles only.

Air filter purifiers are there since essentially required for various applications and vehicle is one of such applications. Dust removal is the major job expected from the automobile air filters, however the filters should also remove the bacteria the other common impurity in the air. Although, there are a number of air filter purifiers available for the number of applications, automobile air filter purifiers are generally made up off paper and foam.


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