How to Setup Windows For Better Gaming


Windows is an excellent environment for gaming. The flexibility of a PC offers so many ways to play games that consoles just can not match. The only problem with a PC is with regular use your system will overtime become sluggish making the games you play run not as well as they first did. Here are some tips to get your Windows PC running up to speed.

Choose the Right Driver

Too many people make sure they have the latest driver from their hardware vendor. When doing so you risk using software that may conflict with your favorite game. It is best to go to the vendor's site and see what they recommend for that particular game. Also do a Google search and find out what other people are suggesting. Why do the work when someone else has done it for you.

Remove Start up Items

The more programs you have running in the background the less resources your game has to use to run as smooth as possible. Go to the start menu then select run. In the run dialog box type "msconfig". Select the Startup tab. In this tab uncheck the items that you know you do not need to start every time you boot your computer. Once done click on OK and restart your computer. If you have an undesired result just go back to run command in the start menu and type "msconfig". In the startup tab put a check mark back on the program that is having problems.

Clean up the Junk

Make sure that you only have the programs that you will use installed on your computer. Remove the unwanted programs through Add / Remove programs.


Sounds pretty basic huh? Well the faster your game can access the data it needs the better the game will perform.

Check the Network

If you are playing a network based game like World of Warcraft. Make sure you are using the fastest connection possible. If you are on a wireless network, consider a wired network. Also make sure that other computers in the home are not running network intensive applications as you are all sharing the same connection.

All of this is really simple and there is a whole lot more you can do. These are a few simple ways to make your gaming that much better.


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