Who is Alice?

Alice is not a person. Alice is a team of talented people passionate about changing the way we shop for our needs that keeps our homes running. Their mission is to make our homes run smarter so we have the things time to spend doing more important things in our lives.

The co-founders of Alice, Brian Wiegand, and Mark McGuire, have spent their careers building customer-focused companies. Their formula was to use the web to disrupt existing businesses models and shift more power to consumers.

Alice is an online store. This store can provide us with our everyday needs such as toilet paper, trash bags, toothpaste, diapers, and etc.

The Internet has changed the way we shop for things like books, clothing, shoes and electronics, so why not for all our household needs? We buy online for the convenience and power to get product reviews, choose brands, see price comparisons, and make better choices. Until Alice, no one had come up with an efficient, cost-effective way to buy home essentials online.

Alice allows us to scratch household shopping off the To-Do-List. Alice provides us with a better way to manage our household essentials online. No more trudging off to the store, loading up cart, and hauling a trunk-load of stuff out of the parking lot. In addition to the free shipping with every order, you will find great prices too. We order from Alice, just like we would from any other retailer, and they work like a marketplace, allowing participating manufacturers to sell directly to us. Not every product on their site is sold direct from the manufacturer right now but they add new manufacturers each week to their direct platform. (They sourced a number of products themselves to get Alice.com up and running.) The direct platform eliminates the retail middleman and saves lots of costs that can be passed directly to us. In addition to the saving us money, the Alice marketplace allows participating companies to have a direct relationship with us, to reward us, personalize things for us, and work smarter for us. It is a win-win that gives us fantastic convenience and tangible savings.

I personally like to shop at Alice.com for the convenience, savings, coupons, reminder emails, and free shipping. I hate stores with a passion. I hate crowds of people in the store all shopping at the same time. The battle of getting through the isles and the wait at the check out. People in a hurry pushing and shoving through the isles and the impatience at the check out. Hauling a cart load of essentials to the car, loading up the car to get home and unload is a real chore.

The coupons! You take the time to clip them, sort them and most of the time get to the store and either forget to use them or most of the products you wanted are not on the shelves. I used to drive an hour to do my shopping and left my coupons at home. No savings for that trip.

I love the reminders. You start to run low on your household essentials and checking your email you will find a nice friendly reminder and the savings you do not have on the products you use constantly.

I do not have to drive an hour to the store anymore or use the gas money to get there and home. Not to mention get to the store and home and find what you originally went after you forgot. I used to do this consistently even with having a grocery list. Somehow or another I always over looked an item on the list.

So for me life is so much easier and I want to thank Alice.com for having a more convenient way for me to do my shopping.

Diana Kelly

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