Computer Running Too Slow? – Here are 4 Powerful Ways to Skyrocket Your PC Speed ​​& Performance Today


Is your computer running too slow? Here's 4 extremely effective ways to boost your PC speed and performance today:

1. Do The Basics: The basics of increasing speed are extremely simple and will take a couple of seconds. What you want to do here is to clear out your recycle bin (if you have items in there), and to remove Temporary Internet files. You can remove Temporary Internet files by clicking on Start, then Control Panel, then Network and Internet Connections, then Internet Options, and then where it says "Browsing History", click on on delete.

2. Remove Software: If you have programs on your computer that you just do not use, I strongly suggest that you remove these programs asap Having a ton of software installed can cause a myriad of problems, and the most common is a reduction in computer speed.

3. Viruses: If you are experiencing sluggishness, freezing, and / or your computer is shutting down or starting up too slow, chances are you may have a virus or some other type of malicious program in your computer. I strongly suggest for you to run an anti-virus program and get rid of these harmful things NOW! They can cause major damage to your computer and not to mention … your privacy!

4. The Registry: The final solution if your computer is running too slow is to get your Windows registry scanned, cleaned, and maintained. The registry is recording every single thing you do on your computer. After awhile, the registry will become infected with some type of malicious program and absolutely will end up with missing files / extensions, and so much more.

Once these things happen with the registry, your computer will run slow, get errors, blue screens, freezing, and so much more! To quickly and securely fix the registry, I recommend for you to download a free scanner from a trusted online registry cleaning program to check your computer out, and then get your registry cleaned. You'll be amazed at how quickly your computer will now run!


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