Is Your Computer Slowing Down?


Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting for your computer to load especially when you need to write that urgent email or simply surf the web. What if you are dying to try out that new game it could have you pulling your hair out. So, I can hear you ask "what can you do about it?" There are many reasons for you computer to go on a go slow a few are.

o Viruses from your internet connection or programs you may have installed.

o Spyware and Adware collecting your information.

o Trojan Horses again collecting your information.

o Unused programs sitting on your hard drive.

o A fragmented hard drive. All these problems build up and contribute to your computer slowing down. If you do not have a good security program you are leaving yourself wide open to many malicious attacks. Do not let them take over your computer.

After security you will need to do a little house keeping and service your computer. Remove all those unwanted and unused programs you installed some time ago thinking "that could be useful" only to find it never was. Next you need to defragment your hard drive. The reason for this is to have your programs reorganized so your computer can find them quickly. Just following these few simple steps will not only make your computer safer but also noticeably faster.

And finally. Are you one of those people who leaves their computer on for days or weeks at a time? If so, temporary files will build up on your hard disk, taking up space in your computer's memory and clogging up other resources. By rebooting, or restarting, your computer, you can clear out these temporary files and improve your PC's performance.


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