How to Choose a Strapless Bustier

A strapless bustier seamlessly combines both form and fashion. Many of today's revealing fashions look best with strong foundational undergarments. Yet a strapless dress demands that the undergarments you choose also be strapless. A strapless bustier can function as a push-up bra, lifting and shaping the bustline. Simultaneously, it can compress and shape the waist. Unlike many functional undergarments, however, a bustier is also considered sexy lingerie, providing a beautiful shape in a sexy and decorative garment. The bustier can even be worn as outerwear, sometimes paired with a long skirt and jacket for an elegant look.

A very popular type of bustier is the bridal bustier. A wedding is a formal occasion and the traditional wedding dress has a very old-fashioned feel. The wedding dress makes certain demands on the garments worn underneath, and the strapless bustier fulfills these demands perfectly. Additionally, the sexy lingerie look and feel of a beautiful strapless bustier allows the bride to feel gorgeous and romantic. Many brides pair a bridal bustier with matching panties, stockings and garter belt to complete the look. This combination feels luxurious, helps the wedding gown to look its best, and provides an excellent bedroom look for the wedding night.

If you are interested in more risqué sexy lingerie, consider an exotic bustier. An exotic bustier combines the body shaping abilities of a bustier with the sexy look and feel of exotic fabrics. Many of these bustiers are strapless, but some incorporated straps or halters to enhance the sexy look. Exotic bustier fabrics include rubber, latex, animal prints and even mesh. Some of these bustiers lace up, adding a corset look, while others rely on hooks, snaps or other closures. Often these closures are selected to enhance the sexy look of the exotic bustier. While most modern bustiers use soft materials to achieve their push-up and waist shaping effects, some exotic bustier styles use the more traditional boning.

A bustier is a wonderful undergarment for women of all shapes and sizes. The push-up nature of a strapless bustier enhances a small bustline. A larger busted woman should choose a bustier with full support. A bustier gently shapes the waistline, providing a more hourglass figure. The wide range of styles and colors available ensures that virtually any woman can find a bustier that complements her style.

When selecting a strapless bustier, it is important that you find one that fits you well. Bustiers are generally sized according to bra size. Measure yourself yourself carefully or visit a lingerie shop to be professionally measured. A great fit is key to finding a bustier that is both functional and beautiful.

A strapless bustier can provide a beautiful and sexy look as an outer garment, while providing the body shaping luxury of an excellent undergarment. You can find bustiers in many varieties, from demure to wild. Be sure that you choose the correct size to insure a gorgeous fit, and shop around to find the style that best suits your needs and desires. Color and fabric work together with detailing to determine the sexiness of a bustier, so be sure to consider all aspects when selecting the perfect strapless bustier.

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