A Guide to the Styles of the Designer Handbags


If you are thinking that your favorite designer handbag comes in only one style, then you are wrong. The handbag designers have come up with different styles for the handbags. Everyone has a different taste. Keeping this fact in mind, these handbag designers have devised different styles for the handbags.

My article guides you some of the styles for your handbags.
According to one European survey, it has been found that 30-year old women own an average of 21 designer handbags and buy a new bag about every three months, with the average woman amassing some 111 handbags over her lifetime. Looking at this fact, the demand for the handbags can well be imagined. The different styles for the handbags include the following:

1. Clutch- This is a small handbag that can be held in the hand. This style of handbags has come from Chinese Laundry and Kenneth Cole as well as major designers like Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, D & G and others.
2. Wristlet- This is usually a small strip that slips over the wrist. It is easy removable. This can be attached to a clutch or an evening bag.
3. Evening bag- This style of the handbag is suitable for the more formal occasions and is made from satin or beaded fabrics.
4. Hobo-This is a typically large, slouchy, crescent-shaped handbag including a shoulder strap. This handbag is generally made of soft materials that tend to droop while set down.
5. Tote- These are the large, generally square shaped handbag with two shoulder straps. The most popular tote styled handbags include Prada, Christian Dior, and Fendi.
6. Satchel- This is the handbag usually larger in size.
7. Cross-body handbags- These handbags are medium in size and feature a long adjustable strap to be worn across the body.

These styles of the designer handbags have contributed a lot to the handbag industry.


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