Internet Backup Software


Internet backup software enables you to store your data on a remote server for backing up. It is also known as remote backup software and online backup software. Internet backup software programs are mainly used by large- and medium-scale companies and corporations such as banks and stock exchanges.

Internet backup software is more advanced than hard disk backup software, and it can backup large amounts of data measured in gigabytes and terabytes. The software takes advantage of non-peak times of Internet use and provides unique disc backup solutions. It is the safest and most effective way to archive your data.

Internet backup software service providers are companies that have software programs and server space for storing files. They guarantee restoration of all your files without any data loss. Internet backup programs use file transfer protocol (FTP) software. In case of a system or network crash, you have to first install the software from an installation CD, and then download the backup you are keeping on the Internet. If you store your backup on your website or server, make sure that nobody is able to manipulate it. Passwords help you protect your privacy.

Internet backup software provides for full backup of a hard disk, image, and specific files and folders. Backing up of an entire hard disk is often slower due to low Internet transfer speed. So you have to choose files and folders that are most important for you to backup. Flexible backup time schedules specified in the Internet backup software help you backup your data at desired frequencies.

The advantages of using Internet backup software are numerous. First, the backup is located in a secure place away from your computer, thereby offering your data complete protection independent from your computer. Also, it does not require user intervention. Slow restoration of data and high cost are the major disadvantages of backing up using Internet backup software.


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