How to Rebuild the Windows Driver Database

Sometimes, a trouble-free device can not work after you install or update its specified driver in Windows 98 / ME, and after you reinstall this driver, it still does not work. If you are at a loss what to do, you might try to rebuild the Windows driver database.

Windows driver database includes all current driver programs in the system, these database packages are contained in the Drvdata.bin and Drvidx.bin files of Windows Inf.

If the driver is updated or changed, its information in the driver database is also changed. However, Windows will not check whether the installation of your driver is correct or not. So if you meet the problems I mentioned at the beginning of my article, you can rebuild the Windows driver information database to delete any possible mismatching information produced in the driver installation.

Specific steps as below:

Step 1. The driver programs should be well prepared before updating driver database, for Windows will prompt you to install this device after you unload it.

Step 2. Navigate the Windows Safe Mode, Press Windows and Break keys together to open the System Properties sheet, and then enter the Device Manager by clicking it. Delete the problem device in this list, next shut down this sheet. If your system prompts you to restart the computer, choose No.

Step 3. Click Start and select Search, click all files and folders. Put in Drvdata.bin and click Search. Right-click Drvdata.bin, choose Rename and change its name into

Step 4. Follow the third step above to rename Drvidx.bin as

Step 5. Restart and go into the normal mode. Then Windows will build the driver database and prompts to install the device. Put in its driver floppy disk or go to its specified location in the hard disk and install the device.

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