KVM Switch – Switching Now Made Easy

KVM switch is a hardware device that permits a user to connect a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to multiple computers. These switches have numerous benefits, some of which are saving time, money, space, equipment and power. They also allow controlling a pool of server computers using a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. These devices come in handy for businesses because severs in the server farm are accessed separately and periodically at any given time.

Available in 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 ports, with 2 port kvm switch mainly being used to switch controls between two computers in a home or small office and the larger switches being used in enterprise environments. They include features like keyboard and mouse emulation to allow easy boot-up and operation; and hot-key functionality which allows you to switch ports using simple keyboard commands. The KVM switch supports multiple operating systems and gives high quality video resolution when used with VGA cabling. Another feature of this device is the inclusion of auto scanning. These switches make work easier at home or in a large organization.

The other category, 4 port kvm switch is mainly used to control 4 computers using the same keyboard, monitor and mouse. Having a very compact and sleek design, this is cost efficient solution for using 4 computers, as it eliminates the use of multiple keyboards, monitors and mice. An important aspect of these switches is the cascadable option which allows controlling a greater number of computers with just one set of peripherals. This functionality make these switches an integral part of network rooms. They are also equipped with hot-key functionalities which allow the user to switch ports using simple keyboard commands.

Due to the increased return on investment offered by the KVM Switch, this device is popular along users who have added additional computers to their home or office setups.

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