How to Get a PR6 Backlink

One of the major factors of Google's algorithm for calculating Page Rank (PR) and top SERPs (search engine result pages) is getting quality inbound links from authority web sites. Although the visible PR (on the Google Search bar) is historical (could be up to 4 months old) it is an indicator of that site's importance in Google's eyes.

PR – Google Page Rank

Google PR uses a scale of 0 to 10 – there is a gray rank for dubious sites! A page rank of 10 is in your dreams! So 0 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. The scale is logarithmic – so getting a ranking of 2 is not twice as hard as getting 1 but significantly higher !!

So your aim is to get inbound links from sites with high PR. Of course, the higher a site's PR the harder it is to get a link. But not always – more about that later !!

Relevance of Link

The next issue is relevancy! If your site is about Perfumes, there is not much point in getting a link from a site about Washing Machines. If you get those type of inbound links, Google will smell a rat (sorry for the pun). Instead you should be looking for a site which is on the theme of Perfumes. Good PR links from such sites will do your rankings a power of good.


And there is more: choice of keyword for the outbound link. You have managed to find a site with good PR on perfumes and they are happy to exchange links. Carefully choose a page which has content about the keyword (or phrase) you wish to promote, and then ask for the anchor text to be the keyword (phrase). Next – what page should you be linking to on your site? You MUST have a page where the content revolves around the keyword you are promoting – ideally in the title, H1 and text content. So linking to this page makes sense to Google. Google is looking for natural hyperlinks which lead to pages that are on topic! Google will give you brownie points as a result.

One final point make sure the webmaster you are exchanging content links with does not use the "nofollow" attribute on his external links. Links with the "nofollow" link will not pass Google PR to your site.

OK – you have all the information you need to maximize the use of the Google PR 6 link. Of course, the key is finding sites with PR 6 or better who will trade links. So here is the crunch and believe or not the tool to gain top PR links is currently freely available. See the link in the resource box for more information!

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