How To Get The Right Keywords


When you are creating a website and you are looking to sell a product or service to a
particular niche targeted audience, it is very important that you understand and know how to
get the right keywords that will in turn attract the attention of your target audience. This
is whats known as the research stage of the process. If you do your research incorrectly, you
will unfortunately fail to attract your target audience. So it goes with out saying that
Knowing how to get the right keywords is a crucial step in developing a profitable business

Probably the most important component of search engine optimization is keyword selection.
Search engines like Google and Yahoo use keywords and phrases to find web pages and rank them
accordingly. The mechanism used to find and rank websites is most commonly called a search
engine spider. What these spiders do is crawl the web to find new web pages and updated
web pages to add them to their databases. They sort through millions of web pages by following
the search engines algorithm.

Lets go back to the idea of ​​how to get the right keywords. Lets say for example you have a
product that you own or you are affiliated with a merchant who owns a product. The first thing
you need to do is to find out what keywords your prospects would use in order to find the
product you are trying to sell and promote? Lets take and example:

If you are selling golf clubs online. What keywords are people using to type into the search
engines to find out about golf clubs? To find out what keywords people in the golf niche are
using, I loaded up my keyword research tool. Here are some of the results my keyword research
tool wave back to me.

1. used golf clubs

2. Callaway golf clubs

3. womens golf clubs

4. left hand golf clubs

5. Nike golf clubs

Now, we can see some actual results here. There are people using the net to find out
information about golf clubs such as "nike golf clubs", "Womens golf clubs", "Callaway golf"
clubs "etc etc … These are the keywords that you could use to attract people to your product
and then make a sale. Now remember I told you before that keyword research is the beginning of
the research stage. There are many other factors which lead to a sale of the

You can use "nike golf clubs" as a keyword phrase to target people on the net interested in buying
nike golf clubs. Your webpage could be all about nike golf clubs, which are the best ones ?,
which are the cheapest ones? and how a visitor to your site can buy nike golf clubs. (Through
your affiliate link of course, if you are an affiliate with nike :))

I hope that this example has show you some insight as to why keywords are very important when
targeting surfers to your website. There are other factors to include when selecting keywords
like what the competition is like for the keyword you are interested in using. The competition
means, how many other webmasters are using the same keyword, or keyword phrase on there
website. A method of doing this is to type your keyword into a searh engine like Google and
use quotation marks around the keyword phrase. When you hit "get search", the search engine
will return all the web pages that are using the exact keyword phrase.

You can view the amount of webpages you are in direct contact with by looking at the returned
results on the top right hand side of the search engine results page. Please note that the
lower the amount of competitive pages that the search engine returns the better. There are a
couple of other considerations to bare in mind when determining your competition. I will
include this type of information for another day in another article! 🙂

Keyword research can be a long and time consuming process. There is much to consider when
sourcing your information on what keywords you are going to use. For many months now, I have
used a keyword research tool that has cut the time for researching keywords by about 75
percent! No joke! This tool is incredibly easy to use and it speeds up the process of finding
good keywords for my products and websites I promote to make money online. It also has built
in features that help you find products and services to sell online with related keywords,
which in turn makes things quick and easy to make money.


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