Windows XP Tips

This guide provides the basic tips on computer networking, hardware, security, troubleshooting and configurations in the Windows XP Professional. These tips can also be applied to Windows 2000/2003 and Windows Vista.

How to Determine the IP address of the Computer

You can determine the IP address of the computer by the following method.

Start Run> Type CMD> Type Ipconfig at the command prompt.

In this way you will get the IP address your computer.

How to Determine the Computer name?

Start Run> Type CMD> Type Hostname at the command prompt.

You will get the computer name by this command.

How to convert FAT32 to NTFS?

If you want to convert your system's drive to NTFS use the following command

Covert [drivename]: / FS: NTFS

This command will convert the file system of any specified drive to NTFS. NTFS provides more advanced features as compared to FAT32 such as security, disk quota, encryption and other features.

How to Enable / Disable Firewall in Widows XP?

Firewall is useful for blocking unauthorized access to your computer network as well as blocking the certain applications, URLs and IP addresses on the internet. Windows XP Professional has built-in firewall in it and if you want to enable it, do the following steps.

Start> Control Panel> Double click Windows Firewall icon

Turn on or off Windows firewall according to your choice.

How to Add / Remove Programs from the Start menu?

Click Start> Right click on the empty space> Properties> Click start menu> customize

Here you can increase or decrease the number of programs that appear on the start menu.

Click advance for more options on the start menu.

Removing the programs from Start up?

If can limit the number of programs that loads when Windows starts up.

Click Start> Run> type Msconfig> go to start up and uncheck the programs that you do not want to load when Windows starts up. You can increase the Windows loading time by decreasing the number of programs at the time of startup.

How to install Net Meeting in Windows XP?

Netmeeting is installed by default in the Windows XP and you can load it by the following method.

Start> Run> type Conf

Netmeeting Window will appear and now you can get connected with your friends family and collections.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you out with you working in Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000/2003. More tips, how tos and IT tutorials will come soon.

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