Sweet Old-Fashioned Wedding Customs

One of the most charming things about weddings is their link to the past. There are many wedding customs that may seem old-fashioned to modern brides, but that does not mean that they are not worth including in your wedding. Take a look at some of these sweet old-fashioned wedding customs, and see if they might be right for you.

There are several traditions involving the bride and groom before the wedding. One was that they should not see each other the night before the wedding, and the other is that the groom should not see the bride in her gown before the wedding. Many couples today do not bother with these customs, possibly finding them to be inconvenient when the couple already lives together before the wedding. Before you decide not to bother with these traditions, keep in mind the old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Beside, the last night before her wedding is a very sweet time to have your best friend stay with you and help you get ready to be married the next day.

Another custom that many brides do not bother with is the blusher veil. In fact, many brides do not wear any veil at all. You might be surprised, however, at how many grooms picture their bride walking down the aisle towards them with her face covered by a veil. The veil is the part of the ensemble that takes you from a woman in a white dress with lovely handmade wedding jewelry to being a real bride. In some religions, the veil is required, but even when it is not, it can be a lovely part of your wedding.

A very cute wedding custom is having charms baked into the cake. Each little charm presents something happy for the guest who finds it. For example, a horseshoe stands for good luck. A tiny wedding band means that the person who finds it will soon be married. It is a charming homespun tradition that would be wonderful to include in a wedding or a bridal shower. Just be certain to alert your guests so that they do not swallow the charms!

In these days of over the top weddings, few brides consider having more simple weddings. The custom used to be that the bride wore her very best dress (in any color), maybe with a special piece of wedding jewelry that was handcrafted for her mother's wedding, and got married in front of close friends and family. Now, few brides today are looking for such a low-key affair, but it is something to keep in mind as anecdote to the extravagant weddings that we see everyday on tv and in the magazines. A reasonably sized wedding can be just as meaningful as the one with the elephants and fireworks.

Oftentimes, the most special customs of all will come from within our own families. If you are not aware of any particular wedding customs in your own family, talk to your mother and grandmothers about their weddings. It may be that you could carry the same flowers in your bouquet as your grandmother or dance to the same first song as your mother and father did thirty years before you. It is these types of traditions that will make your wedding especially personal.

Many brides become so consumed with having the latest and greatest at their weddings that they make forget about some of the customs from an earlier time. Although they may be old-fashioned, some of those wedding traditions can be very sweet. You may want to include some of the older customs in your own wedding.

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