Search Engine Ranking Improvement – What You Need To Know!


Search engine ranking improvement is always a hot topic that you see being discussed on many forums
and blogs through out the internet! There are some fundamental concepts associated with search engine
ranking improvement. Probably the most common one is having enough quality back links to your site's
pages that will help them achieve the improvement you are looking for within your content pages.

You hear a lot of "this & that" when it comes to improved rankings from people on forums claiming
that there method works. You just need to be careful and always on the look out from people who
"Claim that they know it all when it comes to SEO.
concepts you need to know for search engine ranking improvement.

As we mentioned above, in the world of search engine optimization, links are a valuable asset to your
website. However, not all links are created equal! Some links carry heavier weight than others. In
fact some links are almost worthless from an SEO standpoint. Its important that the pages you link to
from your web pages have a high page rank from google. The difference between a high ranking web page and a low ranking web page is like this –

– A high page rank page carry's more "voting power" that is then passed onto your page once you link
to it.

– A low page rank page you link to does not have the "same voting power" as the high page rank
page does! So linking to a high page ranking site is of more benefit to your page.

Using an anchor text link is beneficial to your site too. An anchor text link includes a few
descriptive words which, if click will take you to a page the words are describing. So basically in
order to "bum up" a page on your site, you would simply use an anchor text link on a page and use the
main keyword of the page you want to "bum up" within the anchor text. When you click the link, it
will bring you to the page you are trying to bum up in the search engines.

Using these strategies will help your site get good search engine ranking improvement. All you need
to do it take action and you will start to see improvement over the coming weeks.

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