What Is The Point Of School Uniforms?


School uniforms are the cause for much debate these days with some people claiming that all schools should adopt them and others claiming that school uniforms are going to be the ruin of civilization as we know it. People tend to feel strongly on the subject of school uniforms, that is a fact and it is also a fact that many schools could very well choose to put school uniforms into effect over the next couple of years.

There are some definite pros and cons of both sides, and strangely enough some of them are the same. Confused yet? It is simple really, take the following into consideration. One of the big arguments for school uniforms is that by using them and forcing the students to look alike you are taking out their individuality. This can be seen as a good thing because individuality can often cause trouble among people. The more they all look the same the less likely they are to fight and disturb each other. People claim that if all of the kids dressed the same in their school uniforms they would not have as much to pick on other for. Clothes can be a huge divider and if they are taken out of the equation by making use of school uniforms then what will there be left to fight about?

Personally, I think that this argument takes away the credit young people deserve when it comes to their ability to wreak havoc. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to look the same as the others even when they all dress alike. Some are bound to look better in the school uniforms than others which still leaves many open to cruelty.

There is a flip side to the all looking the same in school uniforms theory. Many people feel that by taking away the students individuality you are not lessening the cause for trouble but only taking away the things that make people special. People are who they are and most people, especially young people define themselves by the way they look. If you take away their right to express themselves through the way that they look they will have to find some other way to do it and theses ways could very well be worse and more destructive than funky clothing.

School uniforms are a fact of life for many students, especially those in religious and private schools. For the most part the school uniforms do not seem to be making too much of a difference either way in terms of the behavior of the students. Schools where there are school uniforms being worn are just as likely to see violence and arguments in the halls as those without any school uniforms.

Children will be children and it does not matter what you dress them up in, whether it is school uniforms or jeans they are still going to behave like children. Children can be mean and they will find something to pick on others about if they are a bully, whether it is the way they look in their school uniforms or in their jeans.


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