The Advantages To Using Black Ink Instead Of Blue



For generations, the colour ink of choice in pens has been blue. The reason behind blue ink comes from the creation of the first pens – blue ink was easier to produce from natural sources, and as more colours were developed, the majority continued to buy the more easily obtainable and cheaper inks. Many people argue that blue is easier to read on the white paper, but in this day and age, and in the computer generation is it time everyone switched to black ink pens?

Why Use Blue Pens.

The only valid reason for still using a blue ink pen is that many believe that a signature in blue ink, is a good way to clearly see that a document has been signed, and is an original, not a photocopy, or digital version that has simply been printed. This is of course, nonsense nowadays, as printers can easily replicate any colour, and can easily print a letter with a blue signature at the bottom.

Why Switch To Black Ink.

It is most probably that any document that you fill-in, put your signature on, or complete will eventually be scanned and stored digitally. Black ink is much easier for scanners and photocopiers to detect and read, making a clearer copy.

Important documents – such as government forms or students essay and exam papers should always be completed in black ink for the same reason.

For these reasons alone, it is always better to carry or have easy access to a black pen.


As this article has shown, there are few, if no reasons to continue to use blue ink. The ascetics of a hand written blue letter may look more pleasing, and give the impression of a unique document, but in reality it can be replicated and printed from a computer just as a black ink letter.


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