Old Fashioned Public Speaking Remedies Work Best


A lot of people think you can cure the anxiety of public speaking through hypnosis or psychologists. While that is a creative "new wave" idea in a world of self help books and tapes, unfortunately I have never seen it work in real life. Often the believer in such concepts falls to pieces right before speaking just like everyone else, despite the deep breathing and visualization exercises. What is the real cure to anxiety in public speaking? Old fashioned preparation.

If you have not put in the effort to entertain and inform your audience like you know they will demand, you will always feel nervous and anxious about your speech. If you do not believe in the value of your speech, it's impossible to imagine your audience having a different perception. Just like your science project in high school, you can quickly spot the real effort from the fake, and you know what your grade will be before you ever get it.

With thorough preparation, you will feel proud of your speech and it will show. Your presentation skills will seem elevated through your enthusiasm in sharing your material with your audience. No amount of presentation skills training or courses can save you if there is no preparation on your end.

The key to overcoming fear of public speaking is to feel good about your material, not counting backwards form 100 to 1 while floating in the ocean in front of an audience in their underwear. If you want to cure the fear of public speaking, then be prepared to put out the effort to write a great speech and practice it. Nothing else will do the trick. Think of all the money you will save on psychologist bills!


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