The Effect Music Has On Our Lives

Can you imagine life without music? The answer is probably NO. Music has a powerful impact on the life of each individual. It can shape the way we feel and the way we think. It enables us to express our moods and it is there at every important event of our lives. Music makes us feel, it brings us closer to other people, it instills a sense of wellness deep within our souls.

Music is part of who we are. Our personality is shaped by the type of music that we listen to. Music can influence profoundly the human behavior. It does not affect our brain directly. However, it can produce changes on our personal beliefs, which, at a subconscious level, can affect the manner in which we perceive the world and how we react in different life situations.

Irrespective of genre or style, music has always played a crucial role in the culture of any society. As the great philosopher Plato used to say: “If you want to measure the spiritual depth of society, make sure to mark its music.” From times immemorial, people from various cultures around the world have found in music a means of expression.

Archaeological findings stand as a testimony for this. For instance, in Asia, have been discovered artifacts as old as four thousand years that depict people playing musical instruments.

Amongst the broad range of musical instruments, piano remains one of the best known and most appreciated. Every song played at this instrument makes us feel peaceful and serene. If you want to rediscover this sense of inner peace you can learn to play piano yourself. Though at first it might seem difficult, with sufficient determination you can make progress.

Furthermore, music can be a great help in the fight against prejudice and discrimination. It reunites people and makes them communicate. Many artists have tried to convey meaningful messages against hatred and racism via this medium. Most of them have attained their goal. Their songs have reached the status of worldwide peace anthems and have been more effective than many social policies devised by governments.

Studies have shown that the benefits of music can even be seen in the workplace. Apparently, scientifically planned background music can lead to the increase in productivity of your employees. This is because it reduces tension, apathy as well as monotony.

Over the years, music styles change. New ones will emerge, old ones will be forgotten or transformed. However, irrespective of the transformations, the potential of music will remain unchanged, because music makes the world go round.

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