Product Review: Camelbak Trizip


Camelbak is well-known for its hands free hydration back packs for which they are a leader in their market.

Formerly it began out as a company to help people drink automatically whilst engaging in sports or on long trips in hot countries around the world. However, these days the army have recognized the need to keep hydrated especially with the latest conflicts in the Middle East. Camelbak Military items allow the troops to always keep hydrated while they are on field missions without taking their hands off their weapons which enable them to drink hands free and be able to do other activities. The items in the Camelbak Military have a range of variations. We focus on the back pack range and will show you the different types of packs they offer along with their specifications and features. Although they vary, one common feature is that all the bags come with a hydration compartment where you can fill the abundance of your choice from the outside of the back pack through the attached tube.

The Camelbaks can be use through biting the mouthpiece and then sipping like a straw. By doing a biting motion, the Camelbaks do not leak until you want them to open. The Camelbak Military back packs which are standard issue and used by the US and UK armies along with over 50 armies around the world have many specifications and featured areas for ammo and other devices.

Now, what makes the Trizip so exceptional among the military backpack range?

The key feature of Trizip is the idea that users can have a very heavy load to carry. It has adjustable harnesses that attach the back pack to the user's body enabling the users to carry the heavy load firmly. Above all, it has a three-liter liquid capacity a great advantage to keep the users hydrated over intense outdoor activities.

Hydration Capacity: 100 oz (3 L)

Cargo Volume: 1891.6 cu inches (31 L)

Total Volume: 2075 cu inches (34 L)

Camelbak has a lifetime guarantee.

Reservoir Features:

Easy-to-fill and clean wide-mouth OMEGA opening

Rugged and durable Water Beast ™ material

Leak-proof screw-cap

Insulated Pure Flow tube

Patented Big Bite Valve, Hydro Link ™ Exit Port and Drink Port

Hydro Lock one-handed flow control

Additional Features:

Fully adjustable patent Futura Harness by Mystery Ranch trade;

500D Cordura,

Printed MOLLE webbing

External access side pockets

Lower drink tube exit ports for under arm tube routing.

Pack Dimensions: 20 in x 13 in x 11.5 in (510 mm x 331 mm x 293 mm)


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