School Teaching Job Interview Questions & Guide


Have you applied for a school teaching job? Do you have a school teaching job interview coming up in a few days?

You may be qualified for the job. It is possible that you are over qualified for the job. But that does not guarantee that you will get that job. You have to succeed in the interview to get that job. Teaching is a great job and it is recession proof. So there are more people trying to chase the teaching jobs. During the final interview for the school teacher's job, the other candidates may be better prepared than you. That can really reduce your chances of getting that job even if you are more qualified for the job than others.

What kind of questions can you expect in the Teaching Interview?

1. Why do you want to teach in this school?
2. What will you do if a student refuses to do his homework?
3. How will you handle a violent student?
4. How can you say that you are qualified for this job?
5. What will you do if a student does not concentrate in studies?
6. Questions related to computer knowledge.
7. What will you do if a student ridicules the assignment given by you?
8. What kind of students do you like to teach?
9. What do you think is the best way to communicate with parents?
10. What experience have you had with students from diverse cultures?

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The interview committee tests a teaching candidate by asking questions related to certain situations in the school and class. You should even have some questions in mind to ask the interviewers. So the situational questions can be difficult to answer if you are not prepared for them.


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