Music and Mathematics – My What the Mind Can Master!

We all know that music influences the mind and that children who study music are better at math, spatial reasoning, and language; amazing really, and yet, I guess none of us are completely surprised are we? Not long ago, I met someone who is a young master of music and a budding mathematician who has yet to make a name for himself. Still, he hinted at one of the most interesting theories I've heard of all month.

He seemed to suggest that many of the incredible discoveries during the time of Newton appeared to occur all at once, within a period of less than a century, major human advances, and one might ask why. Our young local mathematician was suggesting that it had something to do with the music of the era. If this is so we have to ask; did the pipe organ music of the church at the time help the brain evolve or reason better?

If so I told him; "This is really getting to be a very interesting conversation." And he said "Call it a resonance if you will?" Yes, why not, that would explain it, it is resonance. Brain Waves have frequency, cells vibrate at a certain frequency, bacteria activates and communicates this way. Everything organic works on vibrational energy, plants, people, bacteria, everything.

We know from studies and research that music and mathematics, higher IQ, memory are all linked. And if we know this to be the case today, why not then? So, did Newton and the thinkers of his time get a genetic bounce from the music they listened to, which helped them take manned to the next level with their discoveries? It very well could be the case, and I am going for this theory, unless you have another explanation.

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