The Value in Cheap Laptop Computers


Over the past 10 to 15 years, we have seen tremendous growth in the world of technology.  Along with advancements specific to things like security systems and cell phones, one of the most impressive changes has been with PC laptop computers.  Computers are found in millions of homes around the world, used to conduct online research, writing reports, working, and even playing games.  While the standard size laptop is very popular, the newer notebook is also a great buy.  The notebook is smaller and generally less expensive, making it more portable and lighter weight.  However, many people still prefer the full-size laptop.

Laptop computers are more powerful, robust, and even affordable than ever before.  In fact, people can now choose monitors measuring 17 inches in size or more, making viewing easier.  Some of the new features associated with today’s laptop computers include web cams, built-in keyboards and mouse, longer lasting batteries, DVD playing and burning, and more.

While a desktop computer is another great option, laptops provide portability you would not get with a desktop.  People that travel on business, enjoy taking vacations, or attend college will benefit most from a pc laptop computer.  With wireless capability, you simply turn the computer on and in seconds, you would have Internet capability, plugged in or running on battery.

When shopping for laptop computers, you will find thicknesses of 0.7 to 1.5 inches.  Being so slim makes it possible to carry the computer in a computer bag with ease.  Computers are also designed in a wide range of computer and monitor sizes, between 10×8 inches and 13-inch, and 15×11 inch and 17-inch respectively.  As mentioned, choosing a computer with a 17-inch monitor makes it easier to see things on the screen, which means less eyestrain.  

Laptop computers are also designed with a flip top that opens and shuts, which works to protect the keyboard and other components.  Since the newer laptops on the market are so lightweight, carrying them is much easier.  Interestingly, some of the new models of laptop computers now sold weight 12 pounds or less, which is far less than computers even two to four years ago.

PC laptop computers, with the PC standing for “personal computer” were actually created during the 1970s but at that time, they were heavy, cumbersome, limited, and expensive.  The first real “portable” concept did not come until 1972 when Alan Kay, a Xerox PARC worker, created the Dynabook.  Initially, laptop computers were used for a very limited group of people but then nine years later, PC laptop computers were introduced to the public.  The only two models being offered included the Epson HX-20 and the Osborne 1 and while portable, the computers were very expensive and they weighed a lot, making them unappealing.

People look for laptop computers that are powerful, have long-lasting batteries, large screens, a high level of memory, built-in features, and portability.  Today, hundreds of different options are available, computers that are lightweight, affordable and loaded with tons of benefits.  While the initial computers were $6,000 and more, today, you can purchase a nice cheap laptop computer for less than $700 and a notebook for even less.

Obviously, the low price of  laptops makes this an option that most everyone can afford.  Just remember, while laptops on the market today are incredible thanks to technology, purchasing one is still an investment that you need to take seriously.  Once you find a computer that you are interested in buy, take time to research the pros and cons.  Additionally, compatibility is an important issue to understand.  For instance, if you live in the United States but travel overseas, you want to be certain that the laptop of interest offers interchangeable peripherals such as hard drive, PC cards, processor, etc.  With your new laptop computer, life will be so much easier, making this an outstanding investment.


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