Online Computer Training

Computer training can now be done at home, in the office, or anywhere you would like and at any time you wish. Whether you're an absolute beginner wanting to get basic skills or an advanced developer wishing to become certified, you can take a complete package of training courses that'll train you to the highest levels. Learn at your own pace with no parking hassles, no missed assignments, and no additional software to load. All you need is a single Internet-accessed computer, a web browser, a training-fee budget that ranges from $ 50 to $ 400, and, of course, an eagerness to learn.

There are thousands of computer training courses that can be taken online. Just pay once and you'll get unlimited access to the courses for twelve months. Some online training schools allow flexibility if you do not want to be locked into a whole-year plan. They offer short-term subscription-based pricing increments, like a three- to six-month plan with an optional extension fee of $ 15 a month. These online schools also offer a full refund within seven days if you're not completely satisfied with the training experience.

Popular courses are SQL XP Professional Windows 2003 Server CIW, Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word 2003, MS Office 2000, Windows ME, NT and XP Professional, CLAIT, and thousands more. They are provided in an interactive program with skills assessment and task-based simulations; true / false, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions; hands-on exercises; and sample files. Other training features are pre-tests and post-tests. You can save time by taking a skills assessment exam before taking the course so you'll find out what parts of the course you need to take. You can also know how well you've mastered the training by taking a post-test.

Just follow the easy procedure in enrolling: select your training course, settle your payment, and you'll receive an email containing your User ID and password. You can login and start training right away. In addition to a free technical and tutor support offered at a scheduled time every weekday, there's also a private online-learner chat room facility and instant mentoring from courseware experts accessible anytime. You can also get one-to-one training with a private tutor, or an instructor-led online training program. You can then take advantage of the free access to course updates for new courses added yearly. After completing the training course, you'll be given a Certificate of Completion.

Additional and more enhanced knowledge on computer applications can improve your career and salary, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional. Enjoy the convenience of learning and being trained in your preferred place and time.

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