Health Insurance – The Right Way To Do Your Shopping


Take some time out to shop around extensively if you want to get the best price / value in health insurance. Extensive shopping can be done in any of these ways …

a) Make a few phone calls to your trusted acquentions and know what they think of their insurer's services. What was the quality of service they used previously and what value do they get from their current insurers? You can ask to be referred to their agent if they give glowing reviews of his / her services.

Even though it looks fine to use an agent that is well-spoken of a trusted acquaintance, it also pays to have a chat with more than one good agent. This will increase your chances of landing an agent who will give the very best value and quotes. Take out time to compare quotes from each agent you were referred to. Have some discussions with them and you'll find out who will serve you best. This is really effective but also very time-consuming.

b) The Yellow Pages is also a good resource to contact agents and start your shopping. You can use this for starters but ensure you are very careful in settling for an agent without any referral or backing from a trusted institution. There are little challenges like the fact that it will be more difficult to know their reputation and quality of service.

c) Every state has an arm that is in charge of insurance there and always has useful information for all insurance buyers in the state. If you want real information you can rely on, this is the right place. Relevant information will certainly place you in a better position to make more savings.

d) Make use of consumer guides. They are a great for getting an idea of ​​what you should expect to pay for your coverage. You'll in addition read great tips that will make it easier for you to get the best in health insurance. Even though they show you insurers who have the best prices, the figures they give are usually estimated or for a particular profile. So, you're advised to still get quotes from several agents. If you're after the lowest rates then you have no alternative but to obtain many quotes.

e) It's also fine to call any insurance agent you know and request a quote. In doing this I also advise that you ask for quotes from other insurance agents. Request quotes from at least five different agents, compare their prices and the quality of service they will give and you'll get the best rate.

f) Get direct quotes from companies. Ask from as many of them as you can. A careful comparison of quotes you get will raise your chances of getting the best rate.

You will save much by visiting a minimum of 3 quotes sites. If you do this, you'll get the lowest quotes available since three sites will give not less than 15 health insurance quotes alike.


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