Inside the Oscars – Nominee FOREST WHITAKER’S Aura


All the Academy Awards nominees for Best Actor have given outstanding performances… on the surface. They spoke their lines believably, developed an interesting character, got the voice, the walk, the look. Perhaps most extraordinary, these superb actors received direction with enough objectivity to improve a character’s portrayal, rather than destroying it.

No wonder that Oscar nominees are so greatly admired! Yet only a tiny minority of them have gone all the way, changing their CHAKRAS. This takes the greatest talent, plus a rare kind of courage.

What does it mean to shift that deep, playing a part? Nothing within you feels the same. Imagine a length of beige cloth that you are dying green. Most people would be satisfied with a cloth that looks green. But you will not be satisfied with some simple dunk in the vat. You find a way to do the ultimate transformation. Consequently, the cloth changes so completely that if you held the most powerful microscope in the world up that cloth, the most minute fibers would glow bright green.

Well, okay, here is something easier to imagine: What happens when an aura reader like me turns movie critic? I can read the deepest possible shifts within an actor. And that is just what I will do in this article, with an in-depth critique of Forest Whitaker’s performance in Forest Whitaker in “The Last King of Scotland.” (If you would like to receive links to the photos I used in this article, email me. You can find an address at the Rose Rosetree website.)

Since I can read auras from regular photographs (and could teach you to do the same, incidentally), it is easy to compare the aura of an actor just being himself to his still shot from the movie, when in character. Did I see this movie? Only the trailer, and that was scary enough from me. Watching a movie about Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator–not my idea of a good time! But reading from photos I can fearlessly jump into the aura of the terrifying portrayal, I asked this question: Who could transform all the way? Here is what I found about Forest Whitaker in this movie:

Root chakra–How his personality projects when he enters a room

As himself: Forest seems like a humble, down-to-earth guy, with more bashfulness than one finds in most actors.

In the movie: Terrifying and loving it! This is a complete change of aura. To go from Forest’s pleasant humility to this full-bodied, dangerous, hate-filled monster of a man–it is a thrill ride for the moviegoer, an exceptionally courageous achievement for the actor. When I recover from the shock, I will be in awe.

Sex chakra–What would he be like as a lover?

As himself: A huggy bear of a lover, Forest has earthy qualities mixed with loyalty, sincerity, and a lot of feminine energy to temper the masculine energy. (This observation is not a slur on his sexual orientation. If you read my other articles in this series, you will find that many of the most charismatic stars project a degree of male and female, combined.)

In the movie: As lovers go, I would say “Not bad,” except that the man’s other chakras are so hideous. An unexpected tenderness is part of this fascinating character. Sexually, this Idi is powerful but also protective, gentle in the manner of a grizzly bear with a cub. Especially if you are attracted to dangerous bad boys, you might find this side of the character disturbingly desirable. And, of course, it is a huge change of aura.

Solar plexus chakra–Handling power, what is his pattern at the time of this photo?

As himself: This actor does not show remarkable qualities about how he deals with power, which helps everyman to identify with him as a person. The one notable specialty is that anger is the key for Forest to mobilize his power. Hmm, might he use that in playing Idi Amin? Read on.

In the movie: What fascinating power! Not only does the character drip with confidence worthy of a political dictator, Forest gives him nuances of anger. Going from 1-10 on this character’s Richter Scale of rage, each calibrated number on this scale brings up a slightly different, uninhibited (and definitely crazed) variation on the theme of power. A complete change of aura. Maybe 10 of them!

Heart chakra–How does he handle emotions?

As himself: Do not let that big male body fool you. Forest Whitaker is one sweet, tender walking heart. This chakra dominates his aura. What a loving, well intended, caring person! However, like most of the tender-hearted among us, this man has accumulated a lot of pain. Also, unlike most of us, tender-hearted or not, Forest has an ultra-long memory for every nuance of emotional experience. For that reason, he has a large collection of slights, wounds, and injuries from his emotional life. They aren’t uppermost in a cheery publicity shot, but count all this as a huge resource for him as an actor.

In the movie: Think egosim! Think megalomania! Do not think about these too hard, however, or you might get sick! Forest has done all the brain work, the transformation, to bring this weird, sick heart to life. As with every other chakra transformation, it is not only completely unlike the actor himself but shows nuances I would not have thought possible.

Communication chakra–Truthfulness? Talent? What shows here?

As himself: In his personal life, with those he trusts, a great deal of vulnerability shows. In his public life, even posing for a publicity shot, Forest can slip on an identity to project. He does not seem to need to show people who he really is, as a person. Instead, that kind of integrity is saved for those who have passed his trust test and been admitted into his circle of friends.

In the movie: Even more than the actor playing himself, this Amin portrayal is tremendously focused and authentic. As a communicator, he projects the kind of charisma that makes his rise to power believable.

Spirituality chakra–How does he connect to God?

As himself: The yearning for God is strong. Forest may be the most impassioned spiritual seeker of all 10 of the leading actors and actresses nominated for Academy Awards 2007.

In the movie: Ooh, how nasty it is in this character’s third eye. You can nearly smell the fire and brimstone. The man brings a portable hell right in him.

Soul expression chakra–Deep down, how does this person feel as a human being?

As himself: Yes! It has been a struggle for Forest, but over time he has learned to put himself first in life often enough to make choices that bring him happiness.

In the movie: Oh, is that ever connected. Did you ever see art by Hieronymus Bosch? He specialized in the grotesque, and if he were living today, he could do quite the painting about the multiple facets of hatred, perversion, etc. being lived by this soul. When I finish saying “Yech” inside, my next word must be “Bravo!”

Summary: Incredible acting achievement, Forest Whitaker! Changed chakras galore are only part of this performance, because any one of these chakras could have been a one-note experience. Instead, there is a fully realized range of hideosity.

In my profession, I have sometimes been called to read the auras of wackos. My collection of political crazies having been read does include Idi Amin, and I have to say that the Forest Whitaker version is both scarier and far more interesting.


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