Unlimited Automatic Responder Software


It's generally accepted that keeping in regular contact with your customers is one of the keys to getting (and keeping) their business. If you only have a handful of customers then you can do this by hand. But once you get more than ten or twenty customers this becomes a chore and you need to look for some unlimited automatic responder software.

What unlimited? Because it's better to have no limits to the amount of times you can contact your customers. Whilst 10 or 100 messages may sound more than enough, what happens when a customer has been with you a few years and you start to reach the limit? It's much, much better to have an unlimited automatic responder service then you do not have to worry about that aspect of your business.

What can you use unlimited automatic responder software for?

One of the best uses for an unlimited automatic responder is to send out information to your customers about your goods and services. You can send out background information, so that they can make an informed decision when they choose your service. You can send out a training course so that your customers can learn the many different ways they can use your product or service. You can also sub-divide your customer lists so that you can send different messages to different customers, possibly very reminding them of the products they have not bought from you yet. There really is no limit!

Most unlimited automatic responder services also allow you to send out what are known as "broadcast" messages. These can be sent to one of your customer lists or all of them. Broadcast messages are sent immediately. So they can be used to tell your customers of a special, time sensitive, offer that you've got. Or any other item of news that you think will be of interest to them.


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