Purchasing Computers


I am looking for new computers for a graphics company. There are many features that I will be evaluating, like memory, and storage space, and much more. There are a variety of price levels that I have been given to evaluate. I am going to start at the low end of each computer manufacturer first and go to the highest level. I am going to compare all of the features of a couple of manufacturers on each level. They will also have advantages and disadvantages to each system that I will discuss.

The first models of computers will cost less than one thousand dollars. The model of this computer is HP Pavilion Elite e9250t and a Dell Studio XPS 8000. One of the downsides to this computer is it comes with Windows 7, which is a new platform. This operating system may have to be downgraded for more security. I may be able to negotiate with either company to install Windows XP on all of these systems for better reliability and security. One of the disadvantages with Dell is they only offer a one year warranty while HP offers a two year. Although, this service would probably only be used for hardware breakdowns because of the computer knowledge already within the company. The processors are both the same i5 processor with great speeds. While the graphics cards are both High-definition quality, which is very good for a company producing logos, the hard drive vary quite a bit. HP offers a free upgrade from the 650 gigabyte to a 750 gigabyte and Dell is only offering a 500 gigabyte hard drive. This makes a big difference when stocking graphics on the hard drive because they can take up a lot of space. Especially, when you are working with business logos – they want quality work. The HP computer also offers 6 Gigabytes worth of memory and Dell only offers 3 Gigabytes. This is a huge difference in the amount of memory these systems offer. I would want to have more memory when it comes to working with graphics. Well, you are probably wandering the exact prices on both machines. They are neck and neck pretty much. The HP priced at $ 999.98 and the Dell came in a little cheaper at $ 979. Then you are probably wandering if this includes shipping. Well, we got lucky because shipping is free. Even though HP is more eXPensive, it would be better to have more memory for this company.

The next systems I will be evaluating will be bit more expensive, but have more features. The system will cost in between $ 1000 to $ 1750. I will be sticking with the same two manufacturers, Dell and HP. The model of HP computer is e9280t and the Dell is the same model with a few upgrades. The upgrades I decided to make will make a big difference for this company. The HP computer has a faster processor by .20 Gigahertz and they both have the i7 processor. These processors have 8 Megabytes of cache which is really good for fast accessibility. This will make a small difference in computing speed. The memory is the same 8 gigabytes, which is some really great power. This will make running out of memory a bit more difficult. This memory offered with these computers will be great when working with big graphics projects. Although, the hard drives on both of these units is great because they are at 1 terabyte and with graphics taking up more space this would be very good for storing a lot of company logos. This way you do not have to worry about running out of space or buying a second hard drive. These computers are both excellent choices for the business. Although, the graphics cards on these machines differ a great amount. The Dell offers a 1.7 gigabyte, while we are only at a 1 gigabyte graphics card on the HP. The difference in the graphics cards on these machines can make a huge difference in quality, reliability, and speed. I would not want the slower card for working with company logos. The prices are still comparable and they are still offering free shipping. The HP is costing $ 1509.99 and the Dell is at $ 1488. I think the Dell would be your better option on this deal.

The third and final comparison is going to be on computers that cost $ 1750 or more. These computers should be the best out of all of them. I am still looking to compare Dell and HP to be consistent. The models are the same with some upgrades from the previous systems. These computers have an i7 processor, but the processors cache is faster. The cache is not really bigger just faster processing speeds. I also upgraded to the memory to 12 Gigabytes. This also will increase the urges and enable me to work with larger projects faster. Also, the memory should not have to use the hard drive for temporary storage. I have a 1.5 terabyte hard drive in both units, which again would allow the company to store huge graphics and lots of them. The only other only upgrade I made to these computers is the monitors. I upgraded them to a 20 inch. This will be easier on employee eyes and they are in high-definition. The 18 inch monitors I used in the previous comparisons were high-definition also, so they are just different in size. The price for HP came in at $ 2129.98 and Dell $ 2158. There is not a big difference in price. Here I would choose either one because they are about the same, but if I had to choose it would be HP. The only reason though is because of price.

I have examined three different levels of computers and their features. Now, is the time to decide which one is going to suit the company's needs best. This would be a very easy decision for me because of the features and price differences. I would probably choose the Dell priced at $ 1488. It seems reasonable priced for what you get. The company can always upgrade to more memory or add hard drives in the future for cheaper costs without buying a new system. If they only use these computers for another four years this I think would get them by just fine for that amount of time. The only way I would buy the more expensive one with the 1.5 terabyte hard drives is if the companies sales start to grow really quickly, which would mean more storage for more logos.


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