Why You Need Construction Project Management Software?


Although many construction companies are still using spreadsheets and shoe boxes to manage their projects, the use of industry-specific project management software is becoming more prevalent. One reason for this is that more construction software providers are developing integrated project management modules to compete with the leading stand-alone project management systems.

The question is: how will your company benefit from investing in project management software?

Although project management software delivers many benefits to construction companies, this article will touch on three main deliverables: process standardization, document control and cost control.

Process Standardization. Project management software provides a standardized method of managing jobs. This streamlines each step of project execution, makes it easier for new employees to learn your system and allows existing employees to work on different projects. Standardizing project management forms (such as RFI's, submittals and transmittals) also provides a consistent look and feel to all of your documents, which presents your company in a professional manner.

Document Control. Using spreadsheets and word processing documents for your project management documentation and correspondence is somewhat flawed because it does not provide a single data repository for project information. Not only does project management software provide a single source for all of your project documents, it also provides a systematic method for documenting, tracking and following up on critical issues.

Cost Control. Managing costs on a project is the key to protecting profit. Project management software provides real-time costs that help you make profitable decisions on your jobs. The status of budgets, contracts, change orders and more are available with a click of the mouse for instant assessment – and corrective action when needed.

Although your spreadsheet system may be comfortable and familiar, it may not be the most profitable method for project management.


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