Harry Potter Is All Grown Up


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is 7th in the list of Harry Potter movies. This installation is in two parts. The first was released in November of 2010, and the second will be released in July of 2010. So far, the series has grossed $ 5.4 billion according to the Guinness Book of Records, making it the most successful film franchise ever. With these final two parts, that place in the record books will be hard to beat.

The series started with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in 2001 when Harry finds out he's a wizard. This brings him to Hogwarts, new friends, and the beginning of his adventures. In the Chamber of Secrets, the dangers coming to Hogwarts is foreshadowed. The Prisoner of Azkaban wants to kill Potter as Harry begins to realize he's not like the other wizards. In the Goblet of Fire Harry is chosen to compete in The Triwizard Tournament. Next, Potter tries to convince people that Voldemort is back in Order of the Phoenix. In the Half-Blood Prince it becomes obvious to everyone that the Dark Lord is back.

We've watched Harry and his friends grow up. For many kids, they grow up right along with him reading the books and watching the movies. In the beginning he was a young, timid wizard, unsure of his abilities. Over the years he found more confidence while realizing his special gift of wizardry. He even becomes interested in girls. Even more important, he discovered out who his parents were, and began to understand his destiny. His fate is connected to events that will decide the future of all wizards.

This time, the Deathly Hallows pits Harry against Lord Voldemort and his quest to possess death. And, this time its war. The slow progress to this point in the story has been smartly matched with the maturity of the Harry Potter fans. The Potter movies have become progressively darker, deeper, and more fitting to the fans that started reading the books almost a decade before.

The franchise has created a ravenous group of followers of all ages. Camp-outs for the books and movies have not been uncommon. Thousand of websites where die hard fans can discuss every facet of Potter lore and the actors in the movies. Action figures and other toys. Even video games that allow fans to imagine themselves in the story. And, Harry Potter attractions at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

The Harry Potter franchise is broadly know throughout the world and across all generations, from young to old. History will most likely catalog the Potter movies right along with the Star Wars and Lord of The Rings. All of these movies have made a measurable impression on our culture. For example, I would bet a lot of people know what muggles are now. Even after the last movie, the influence of Harry Potter will be with us for a while.


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