Famous Rock Music Artists and Their Histories


What few people realize is that most musical talents get their start in classical music and by working with traditional instruments. Some of these instruments include pianos, violas and other such instruments from the baroque era and other time periods. Many musical performers in the modern era transition from piano and classical music to more popular genres such as rock and classic rock. Many people learn to work on the piano initially, and they can use piano benches, a piano bench, or a sheet music cabinet to learn their trade and become better at their jobs. One of the more popular genres in modern music is rock, and amidst that subset there are tons of famous musicians and people who have made their mark on the world of modern music. In the upcoming paragraphs some of the more famous rock acts of the modern era will be discussed and some bands who have done an excellent job of becoming famous and making a name for themselves in modern rock.

One of the more famous rock bands of the modern era is Green Day. Green Day is from Oakland, California and has produced a lot of brilliant music that has reached a global audience. One of their more popular and famous albums is called American Idiot, which was also possibly their most famous album and produced numerous number one hits in the American pop charts. The album that really set the band apart from other groups was called Dookie, which was the group's debut album that really bought them to fame and made them stand out from all the other punk bands that are around in the modern music scene. The band's most recent album is called 21st Century Breakdown and is apparently themed around the pitfalls of modern American society and the problems that exist in the country.

Another famous rock group in the modern era is Blink 182. Blink 182 gained their notoriety in the mid to late 1990's when they came out with a string of records that captured the angst and anger of the teenage population of the country. Recently, and unfortunately, the band has split up and there are a number of different side projects that the various band members are taking part in to take up their time. Blink 182 is probably most famous for their drummer Travis Barker, who is recognized as one of the best drummers in the world, and who was up until recently involved in a high profile relationship with his ex wife.

Finally, a famous rock group from the recent era is Nirvana. Since the death of lead singer and main artistic influence Kurt Cobain, the band split up into numerous projects among their members which include Christ Novocelic who plays in the band the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dave Grohl who is the lead singer and main influence behind the band the Foo Fighters. Something that few people know is that much modern rock music is influenced by classical music and older instruments.


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