Law School Requirements – What You Need to Do to Get Into Law School


Are you planning on heading off to law school in the near future?

If you answered yes, there are a few things you should know before you go. The following is a brief list of the typical law school requirements that you will encounter when you begin to apply.

First, do you have a degree from an accredited undergraduate institution in the United States? If yes, you are fine – but if you answered no, you have some homework to do. The best use of your time in this situation will be to contact the Law School Admissions council and enlist their assistance in officially recognizing your degree. They in effect will be telling the law schools that you apply to that your undergraduate degree is valid.

Second, have you taken the LSAT? or have you registered to take the exam soon? All American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law schools require you to take the LSAT exam. To register for the exam visit the website of Law School Admissions council. You'll need to leave plenty of time between when you take the test and when your applications are back to your prospective schools. Finally, not all law schools in the United States require the LSAT. Several law schools that are accredited by bodies other than the ABA require no LSAT. The most prominent of these schools are the Massachusetts School of Law and the Concord Law School in California.

Third, make sure you know your law school application deadlines. It is absolutely critical to your success that you apply to your top schools as soon as they begin to take applications for the term you are applying for. Admissions typically get more selective as the process drags on when more applicants are firing for fewer remaining spots. You will be able to get the application deadlines from each school's catalog or admissions department.

If you pay attention to these three factors you will be in great shape and well on your way to starting your career as a lawyer. Good luck!


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