How to Make 3D Glasses


An increasingly popular movie feature from back in the day and in today's modern world is the presentation of movies as presented in 3D. 3D movies shown in the theaters usually come with their own set of 3D glasses, either from Dolby Laboratories or Real D Glasses. The Real D Glasses may be kept while the Dolby ones must be returned at the end of a movie, where they are specifically cleaned and reused. However, for 3D movies that may come to the home on a movie channel, these glasses are not provided. In these instances, 3D glasses must be made.

Making 3D Glasses
There are two ways to go about making a set of 3D glasses. First and foremost, look on the Internet to find a sample pattern template for eyeglasses. The main website for NASA may provide these. After printing this sample out, cut it out including the eyeholes. Tape the side sections to the center section. The basic template for the glasses is complete so far.

Alternately, try cutting out the glasses on oaktag or any other sturdy poster board.

Now comes the part to cover the eyeholes. Any local art supply store should have blue and red acetate paper sheets. Cut these sheets so that they cover the eyeholes and a little bit more on the inside in order to be able to tape it down. Take some tape and do just that, ensuring no tape ends up on the part of the acetate sheet that is visible through the eyehole.

Alternative Method
This is a good method to use when looking to make a pair of 3D glasses that will feel a bit more comfortable than poster board or paper. Find a pair of comfortable sunglasses that nobody wants to use anymore. Plastic ones tend to be the best choice for this project since the lenses are pretty easy to pop out.

Alternately, these are easy to simply color over. If deciding to color over the lenses, use red and blue marker but nothing that is too opaque. Also, regular plastic kitchen film will be needed. As long as it is plastic, firm enough to fit over the lenses yet still pliable, then it is a good choice.

Take the old lenses and trace around them with a marker on the plastic. This is to create new, clear lenses to replace the old ones. Cut them out either using scissors or using an x-actor knife. Take the marks and color one red and the other blue. Insert the blue sheet over the left eye and the red sheet over the right eye; this makes all the difference.

Decorate the glasses using anything on hand. Be as creative as possible to personalize this unique pair of 3D glasses. If looking for comfort, simply use the alternative method to creating 3D glasses; its largest benefit is the ability to start out with a set of sunglasses or old glasses that feel comfortable and the method of creation itself does not limit one to a certain template like the first one does.
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