How to Make Movies on Your Windows Computer

In this article I will explain a few simple steps to creating a movie on your Windows XP computer. Before you begin you will need any basic webcam and this can be purchased from any Wal-Mart. You will also need to download Windows Movie Maker which is a video / editing software application for Windows.

OK so once you're finished downloading Windows Movie Maker just play around with the functions and try to get a little understanding of your tools. You will also want to get familiar with your webcam if you are not already. Learn all your functions that your webcam has, so it would be a good idea to read the manual before beginning.

Now that you have some basic information with your software click the task option in your toolbar until it says capture video. Make sure your camera is in webcam mode and then attach it to your computer using a USB which should be included with your camera when purchased.

Next you will click capture video then click next. Here you will enter a title for your scenes. After this you will want to select Best Quality for Playback on my Computer and then click next. Next you will want to position your camera for whatever you are trying to capture and keep in mind you want your clips to be clear and as still as possible. So it's best to have your camera mounted on your screen.

Do not forget to plug-in any microphone devices you may have if you wanted to add any sound to your film. Also any special effects you could add are always a great way to add excitement to your movie as well. Your next step is to begin filming by clicking Start Capture and whenever you're finished with your scenes click Stop Capture. Once you have finished creating your movie on your computer click Finish.

Your next steps will be to drag your clips to the Timeline / Storyboard at the bottom of your screen. If you click on View Video Effects you can adjust the brightness on any of your scenes or add any other effects to your clips. You can also add a movie title, transitions, and end credits.

Once you have finished creating your movie you can email it to your friends or even convert it to a CD-Rom. Remember to have fun and be creative while creating your film because that's what it's all about.

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