Month: December 2019

Decoding Computer Software

Loosely defined, "computer software" just refers to any data (such as computer programs) that has been stored digitally and is separate from the physical devices of the computer itself. A few examples of modern software include: o Application software such as word processors, Excel or Quicken, meant to perform specific […]

Computer Networking

Computer networking is a process of sharing data and shared resources between two or more connected computers. The shared resources can include printer, Fax modem, Hard disk, CD – DVD Rom, Database and the data files. A computer network can be divided into a small or local area network, a […]

Autumn Fashion

This past spring, the season distinguished itself as usual by its printed fabrics of flowers, graphics, and polka dots. Summer traditionally is full of red, white and blue nautical lines. So for autumn everyone awaits the more glamorous attack, the moment for every woman to dress differently than throughout the […]