Day: October 4, 2019

The Importance of a Modem

Modem means modulator and demodulator. It is a gadget that you use to transmit date and to receive data as well via a channel for communication. These channels can be a cable, telephone line and an optic fiber. 1. The first answer to the question, why is a modem needed […]

Bad Things About Computers

The kids nowadays cannot imagine their home without a television set, a computer, a phone, being influenced a lot by mass-media, which often gives them a wrong perspective of the world they live in. After several studies on the impact of the computer on kids, psychologists and paediatricians have reached […]

Examples Of Spyware And What They Are

Spyware is a general term used to describe software that performs certain behaviors such as advertising, collecting personal information, or changing the configuration of your computer, generally without appropriately obtaining your consent first. Spyware is often associated with software that displays advertisements (called adware) or software that tracks personal or […]