Day: July 6, 2019

10 Top Notch Ideas For CNA Inservices

As a nursing supervisor, you are all too familiar with the basic (and often mandatory) inservice information presented to nursing assistants. At health care organizations across the U.S., CNAs sit through lessons on standard precautions, abuse and neglect, confidentiality and fire safety. Other common topics include nutrition, pain management and […]

What Is Online Learning?

Today online learning, also called as e-learning, is a new form of education. It is a distance learning education system where the revolutionary Internet technology is used to facilitate teacher to educate the interested students. They manage student-teacher interactions and deliver course materials online. The students do not need to […]

Bureaucracy in Education

Last night, while attending a high school graduation, I saw something that must clearly exemplify one of the major problems in public education. An administrator followed protocol with no adaptation for individual settings. This mantra is precisely why our public education system is struggling so hard to meet the needs […]

Why Should We Continue Education?

Education is one the important thing that people should have in their life. But unfortunately not all the people can finish their education while there are attend the schools or college. But in this time most of the people with a good education are very lucky in their life because […]

Education Starts at Home

Recently I was having a conversation with Edna Williamson the director of the Wayne County Public Library where I live. She made the comment that our children need to be taught about money and investments because they just do not get that kind of education. She was encouraging me to […]

Education – Standardized Testing

In an effort to improve education, especially in the United States, standardized testing has been instituted. But does it really work? This overview is not intended to answer the question of whether or not standardized testing works but to present both sides of the argument both for an against it. […]

Seven Continuous Trends in Education

In this next decade of the 21st Century, a good, well rounded education could have the difference between developing future or a future dependent on low wage employment, and periods of unemployment. One reason the current boom in private and on-line education is one sector that continues to expand. What […]