Day: June 5, 2019

Computer Desktop CPU Fans

A CPU or central processing unit is the main part of a computer desktop. There are many components in a computer desktop like the motherboard, hard drive, processor, and other essential parts that make up a functional computer. The fan is a very important for a computer desktop because it […]

Computer Hacking Methods and Protection

Protecting your computer against hacking is different from protecting it against viruses that you accidentally or unknowingly invite into your computer that then cause damage in one form or another. Anti-hack is about protecting your computer against external entities that are deliberately trying to get into your computer to cause […]

Computer Literacy

Once, the thought was that only businesses had a need to use computers. Therefore, computer literacy was not necessary or required of the layperson. The average person only needed to learn and do what their corporate or organizational bosses told them. Outside of work, a desktop (personal) computer was simply […]

The History of Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry has made significant impressions on society dating back to ancient times. In ancient civilizations, gold was considered a preferred luxury metal because did not tarnish and was shapeable. Jewelry personified natural forms such as shells, plant life, and animals. Significant advances in style became increasingly evident with the setting […]