Day: April 29, 2019

The Actor As A Product

An actor is a product as much as anything that is marked on the Internet. If an Internet marketer does not move a certain product, or attract buyers he or she will change strategies. There is tons of advice on the Internet for sale or for free about marketing your […]

I Am

Have you been noticing more and more people answering a question with "I am" and the first time you hear it you think, well that sounds cool. Did you know that "I am" is actually the shortest complete sentence in the English Language? It may also be the shortest title […]

Russian Names

Natalya, Anaanya, Anastasia are all common names in Russia. But their contribution does not end just with these names. A typical Russian name is divided into three parts; the given name, the patronymic, and the family name. But rather than calling people by their given name, they are referred by […]